When Filo was born, she was a small, pink chick who looked to be about the size of an average chick. After a day, and some leveling, she had grown to the size of a steamed bun. Filo's third appearance change would be to that of a small, baby ostrich, not quite large enough to ride on, but definitely larger than her two prior forms. Filo would then grow into her fourth beast transformation, which was the size of a normal ostrich, and she was now capable of being ridden. It should also be noted that Filo's feathers had started to turn into a much lighter shade of pink than in her prior forms, and were beginning to turn white. Filo's last and most current form is larger than an ostrich and resembles an owl, her feathers are also almost completely white aside from a small ruffle on her abdomen and some feathers on her wings which still contain pink.


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