Zero is Inyo's assistant and house mate. She is also a lachter, a person able to make objects materialize, however the use of her ability is limited especially compared to that of Inyo's.


As a young girl Zero was held hostage along with many other people in a research facility run by Barton. His ultimate goal was to use the people (who all were lachters) as lab rats so he could cultivate their powers and then take them for himself. Zero was one of his favourites because for some reason he believed if her true powers awoke, her lacht ability would be substantially more powerful than that of the others.

Inyo woke up on a monster native to Magmel while in the research lab where Zero's former master awaits her to kill it. The monster isn't hostile, thanks to Inyo . Using his lacht Inyo then punches Barton with a metal fist made with Lacht.

Her name is derived from Unit Zero which is what she was called at the facility. As she has no other name she now goes by Zero.


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